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Luke Zimmerman Crushing in Squamish

Luke Zimmerman is a West Coast-based climber who’s been putting in some time on the boulders.

In December 2014, Zimmerman sent The Method V12 and then went on to send The Squaminator V11, The Perfect Cave V11 and he also just sent The Summoning Sit V12. “One of the very best in Squamish,” wrote Zimmerman on his Sendage.com card abut The Summoning Sit.

“So fun slapping and squeezing up this amazing feature. Another one, I’m sad to finish. The top out was wet which made for a very spicy exit. With crafty beta, I really can’t see how this could be a V12. It felt easier and came together quicker than most of the V11s I’ve done in Squamish.”

Luke Zimmerman on the Perfect Cave.  Photo Jamie Finlayson
Luke Zimmerman on the Perfect Cave. Photo Jamie Finlayson

“Over the last year or so he has also sent 12 V10s and many V9s in Squamish,” Zimmerman’s friend Jamie Finlayson said. “Luke is a father of young twins and works full time. He is one of Squamish’s strongest boulderers who flies under the radar and I thought it would be nice to have him mentioned.”

Luke ZimmeLuke Zimmerman on Primal Urge V10.  Photo Jamie Finlaysonr
Luke Zimmerman on Primal Urge V10. Photo Jamie Finlayson

Zimmerman’s most recent send was Cruelty and Splender V9 at Porteau Cove. “Excellent power climbing,” said Zimmermang. “My favourite of the ones I tried on this boulder. The grade seems a point of debate. I think this climb suits some climbers stylistically and others not so much. In my opinion V9 is fair. The top was soaked so I didn’t top it out but I think the top out is easy enough I can get away with it.”

With a long season ahead and Zimmerman climbing at the top of his game, it will be exciting to see what he gets up to next.

– Thanks to Jamie Finlayson for reaching out with words of Zimmerman’s recent sends.