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MEC Contributes 100K For Old Baldy Purchase in Ontario

MEC has a long history in assisting access groups in reaching their financial goals in order to keep the gates open to crags across Canada

The Ontario Access Coalition is pleased to announce that on Nov 8, 2013, Canadian Retail Cooperative – MEC, stepped forward as a major contributor towards the purchase of lands adjacent to Old Baldy Conservation area. MEC has agreed to fund $100,000.00 towards the purchase of a crucial parcel to help solidify sustainable and safe climbing access to the cliff at Old Baldy while promoting tourism in the Beaver Valley region for generations.

Additional funds are still required to make the purchase, and the OAC will continue partnership with the Toronto section of the Alpine Club of Canada, the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority, and the climbing community towards gaining the additional funds. This presents a significant opportunity for the climbing community to step
forward and become relevant in large scale conservation efforts in the region. The cliff at Old Baldy provides sport and traditional climbing opportunities at all grades in a picturesque setting above the Beaver Valley. The OAC has previously partnered with MEC, and the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority to successfully replace the existing climbing hardware at the cliff to enhance the safety of the cliff at Old Baldy.

Old Baldy is near the town of Kimberly, ON. It’s limestone walls are home to some of Ontario’s classic limestone routes. Access issues plague a number of crags in Southern Ontario and across the rest of Canada. Thanks to the hard work by the OAC to secure funds and ensure the future of climbing. Like all access stories, this is a developing one, as new details are available we will bring them to you.

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