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New Squamish Crag is Family Friendly

Tess Egan and her husband, Jason Robinson, have developed a new crag in Squamish called the Playground. Along the way, Kye Egan-Robinson, made one of the youngest first ascents ever.

After discovering the potential crag, Tess had to convince her husband that it was worth the time, effort and money. As anyone who has developed a crag or route knows, it gets very expensive.

While there are access committees that help offset some of the costs, there is always a personal financial investment.

First photo is of my son (he is 4yrs old) on his first lead and the fisrt assent of the 5.4 named "Follow the Leader"
Tess’ four-year-old son, Kye Egan-Robinson, on his first ever lead and the first ascent of the 5.4 named Follow the Leader. This might be the youngest first ascent in Canadian history. Photo Tess Egan

“It was a tough vision to sell, that moss covered cliff in the bushes,” said Tess. “But, once I peeled back a layer of moss my husband slowly began to see the potential.”

The Playground is a climbing area developed with families in mind. It is less than a one-minute approach and the bottom of the crag “has been cleared and heavily worked to make it kid friendly.”

Tess Egan climbing her route, Playground Bully 5.11b, at the Playground. Photo Tess Egan

To find the Playground, turn down Mamquam FSR in Squamish and keep driving past the bridge then make your first left on Powerhouse Springs FSR. Head down this road until a big boulder appears on you right, it’s the Swampthing Boulder. About 50 metres down the road from Swampthing on your left is the obvious wall.

“Please do not head around to top of crag for top-roping, there is a bolted 5.5 on the far left that will give you access to the top,” said Tess.

The Playground routes are up to 15 metres and were all established and sent by Tess Egan, Jason Robinson and Key Egan-Robinson.

Here is a list of the first nine routes, which have a number of easier routes for beginners and kids: 1. Four 5.4/ 2. Follow the Leader 5.5/ 3. Lost and Found 5.6/ 4. Enough! 5.6/ 5. Chutes and Ladders 5.7/ 6. No Tag Backs 5.10/ 7. Skipping Stones 5.8/ 8. Chucky Chucky Four Corners 5.9/ 9. S#(ts and Giggles in the Lake 5.10b

The Playground routes one to nine. Photo Tess Egan

To the right is the steeper wall that produced some difficult 5.11s: 10. Parental Guidance 5.11d/ 11. Playground Bully 5.11b/ 12. Recess 5.10/ 13. Wet the Bed 5.11d/ 14. Pee Stain 5.11a

The Playground routes 10 to 14. Photo Tess Egan

Thanks to Tess, Jason and Kye for their hard work and producing yet another fantastic looking Squamish crag.