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Ontario’s Sabrina Chapman Sends Big at Lion’s Head

Ontario climber Sabrina Chapman has sent one of Ontario’s most difficult 5.13s.

Toronto-based Chapman recently sent Man in Me 5.13d at Lion’s Head, one of the cliff’s hardest routes.

It could be the most difficult send by a Canadian woman in Ontario. Other strong Ontario women including Leslie Timms and Marieta Akalski have climbed 5.13d and 5.14, but outside of the province.

“I first tried it at the end of July of this year and I’m not exactly sure how many attempts it took, but when I sent I definitely wasn’t expecting it” said Chapman.

“The majority of the time I tried it, the weather was pretty humid and gross, and the day I sent was marginally better.

“To be honest, I got on thinking I’d be refining beta in order to give a solid red point attempt in better conditions, but suddenly I was through the bottom cruxes and realized that it could go.

“I really am still in shock, but so happy!”

The 35-metre Man in Me was first climbed by Daniel Martian and is in the famous Titan Area.

Sabrina Chapman climbing in Ontario.  Photo courtesy of Chapman
Sabrina Chapman climbing in Ontario. Photo courtesy of Chapman

– Thanks to Daniel Martian for bringing the news of Sabrina’s send to our attention. For more on Martian, see here.