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Reserved! Sasha DiGiulian walks away from project

We have all had to stopped and waited while someone poses for a photo, but what about postponing a multi-pitch project in Spain while camera crews film a fellow sponsored athlete.

Sasha DiGiulian decided to call off plans to project the Pou brother’s Orbayu 5.14 on Naranjo de Bulnes in Spain after being told Nina Caprez would be fixing ropes on the climb for the summer.

Nina Caprez wrote on her blog: “I am very motivated to begin my summer venture Orbayu. This exceptional route is a dream for me because of the wonderful line on perfect grey limestone in a magical environment. Last year Cedric Lachat and I scouted the prospects to see if it could be possible and we immediately agreed that we wanted to create a film. After the success of the well received film Silbergeier, we wanted to compose another film to share our passionate life, drama and adventure story on the wall with all of you. Come join us again in our natural environment as we bring to you the precious jewel of Orbayu which cannot be expressed only in words. To be able to create the film we want to compose for you, we will need your kind support to be able to film with the help of a drone (mini helicopter). The more money we can collect, the more we can bring this magical feeling of Orbayu to you.”

Cédric Lachat has had a successful crowd funding campaign, visit here to see how much has been raised for the film project on Nina Caprez.

Nina Caprez Photo Five Ten

DiGiulian wrote on her blog: “I have told several media outlets and friends about my plans to try Iker Pou’s route, Orbayu in Northern Spain with Edu Marin, my climbing partner from Bellavista. Iker Pou established the route a few years ago, and since, the route has seen few ascents, and no women. We had arranged media and aligned our sponsors with the project proposal, yet this morning I received a message from a friend of mine from Switzerland, Nina Caprez, informing me that this has been her dream project and that her and her boyfriend, Cedric Lachat, have plans to rig the route with static lines and equipment for the film crew in June, and then they will be on the wall and try to complete it by August.. I have tremendous respect for both Nina and Cedric as professional climbers. Due to this respect for them, I have decided that I am not going to intertwine myself with doing this route this summer because their film agenda already seems pre-baked; but, perhaps if you’re making a film about a piece, then have designated times to be filming and not be filming and climbing at the same time.”

DiGiulian has for given up the opportunity to make the first female ascent of Orbayu.

Sasha DiGiulian Photo Adidas
Orbayu Photo Ben Ditto
Orbayu Photo Ben Ditto
Iker Pou climbing Orbayu 5.14+ on Naranjo de Bulnes, Spain  Photo Planet Mountain
Iker Pou climbing Orbayu 5.14+ on Naranjo de Bulnes, Spain Photo Planet Mountain

Source: DPM, Planet Mountain