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Samuel Tiukuvaara’s Val-David Sendathon

Samuel Tiukuvaara is an Ottawa-based climber who just had one of the strongest three hours ever at Val-David.

Tiukuvaara, who had never sent a V11, climbed three of them at Val-David last weekend, including Cowboy Low, Ultra Belly and Bouddha Belly.

Tiukuvaara’s Sendage Card

Within the same three hours, he also sent The Belly of the Whale V10, Cowboy V9 (flash) and Evolution Antoile V8.

“Normally I don’t get many chances to boulder outside, but yesterday I went outdoor bouldering at Val-David.” said Tiukuvaara. “I went with my coach Yves Gravelle and the Coyote Rock Gym Youth Team and we had a lot of fun. It was worth the two-hour drive in two cars saturated with people.”

In August, Tiukuvaara has the opportunity to climb at the Youth Climbing World Championship in Arco, Italy after climbing his way onto Youth National Team.

Help Tiukuvaara Get To The Youth World Championship