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Sean McColl: Two V14s in a Day!

Sean McColl is well into his trip to Fontainebleau and continues to climb some of the harder test-pieces at the world-class location.

McColl’s Fontainebleau trip started about a week ago and he’s sent Neverland V11, Atresie Assis V13, Atresie V11, Big Golden Assis V11, Big Golden V10, TRex Assis V11, La Chose V11, The Traphouse V14, Conviction V11 and flashed Elephunk V13.

Today, McColl sent two V14s. “Did Gecko Assis first try this afternoon then headed to Rempart and took down Super Tanker,” said McColl. “Felt so strong today and the cold conditions were just what I needed. Gecko Assis took in total about an hour and Super Tanker is a link up traverse so it was just about figuring out a few moves.”