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Shin Fei, 11, Sends The Grand Hustle V13

We should expect by now that at least once a week there will be a teenager, or in this case an 11-year-old, who makes the headlines.

Shin Fei is the second youngest boulderer to climb V13, the first was 10-year-old Ashima Shiriashi.

Wills Young recently summed it up very well when he wrote on his blog, “It seems that the more our sport progresses, the younger our prodigies get. Ten year olds are climbing v13 and redpointing 5.14a while 11 year olds jug up El Capitan and redpoint 5.14c. The pool of strong young climbers continues to grow, making it difficult for up-and-comers to stand out.”

When Adam Ondra was 11, he onsighted a number of 5.13cs. When Adam Ondra was 11, Shin Fei was born. Doesn’t seem that long ago, does it?