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Sonnie Trotter Sends Spanish 5.14d, “What an outrageous climb”

Canadian rock star Sonnie Trotter has been climbing in Siurana, Spain for the last few weeks and recently sent his project.

Sonnie Trotter on Estado Critico 5.14d.  Photo Sonnie Trotter's Facebook
Sonnie Trotter on Estado Critico 5.14d. Photo Amir Paul

Trotter has sent his 5.14d project Estado Critico with one week remaining in his trip. “Adam Ondra confirmed the grade when Alex Megos onsighted the route a few years ago,” Trotter told Gripped editor Brandon Pullan. “What a beast. The crux is a series of hard crimps and steep moves capped by a hard lunge to a blind pocket facing the wrong way. Then after that all you have to do is hold on for the rest of the climb, which Ondra calls 5.13d to the anchor.”

It took him six days and maybe 12 or 13 tries. “It’s my proudest send to date because of how much my life has changed,” said Trotter. “What an outrageous climb. Now it’s time to enjoy the rest of my vacation.”

Trotter on Enormocast

Trotter appeared in the very first issue of Gripped Magazine for his hard sends at Lion’s Head. Over the years he’s made headlines for routes such as Forever Expired 5.14d, Superman 5.14c, Cobra Crack 5.14R, The Path 5.14R, Family Man 5.14a, Rhapsody 5.14b/cR and so many more.

Of all his hard sends, Trotter had only ever sent one 5.14d, his technical Ontario route called Forever Expired. This is his first confirmed 5.14d (9a).

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Before Trotter left for Spain, he had an injured finger and was worried he wouldn’t be able to attempt his project. It seems the sweet Mediterranean air is good for the body.

Sonnie Trotter and his son Tatum.  Photo Lydia Zamorano
Sonnie Trotter and his son Tatum. Photo Lydia Zamorano