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The 2015 Bouldering World Cup Results From Munich

The last Bouldering World Cup wrapped up in Munich on August 15 in front of a sold out venue. 

A number of Canadians were at the finale of the World Cup season and over a dozen competed in the qualifications. It was one of the largest competitive fields ever for a World Cup and the competition was fierce. No Canadian advanced to semi-finals, but most were on hand to witness the final round.

In first for the women was U.K. climber Shauna Coxsey, who flashed all four finals problems. For the men, Russian Alexsey Rubtsov took home the gold, who did very little to train for the competition.

In second for the men was Czech climber Martin Stranik and in third was Korean Jonwon Chon. Full results for the me here.

For the overall men’s results see here. Jongwon Chon finished the year in first, German climber Jan Hojer in second and Czech climber Adam Ondra in third. Canadians Sean McColl finished the year in eighth, Jason Holowach in 27th and Andre DeFelice in 40th.

Jason Holowach on men's problem five during the qualifications round.
Jason Holowach on men’s problem five during the qualifications round.

For the Women, Fanny Gibert from France took home silver and American 17-year-old Megan Mascarenas finished in third. Full results for the women here.

For the women’s overall 2015 rankings see here. Japanese climber Akiyo Noguchi finished in first overall, Shauna Coxsey in second and Japan’s Miho Nonaka in third. Canadians Stacey Weldon finished in 25th overall and Thomasina Pidgeon in 62nd overall.

Stacey Weldon in qualifications.  Photo Boiler Room's Instagram
Stacey Weldon in qualifications. Photo Boiler Room’s Instagram

A number of Canadians put forth strong efforts in qualifications at Munic. Elise Sethna finished in 45th, Jelisa Dunbar in 53rd, Stacey Weldon in 67th, Thomsasina Pidgeon in 69th, Becca Frangos in 74th and Allison Vest in 85th.

For the men, Andre DeFelice finished strong in 33rd, Jason Holowach in 43rd, Eric Sethna in 59th, Sebastien Lazure in 69th, Ayo Sopeju in 103rd, Lucas Uchida in 108th and Samuel Tiukuvaara in 109th.

Watch the finals: