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Thor’s Hammer Sent Again by Ethan Pringle!

Thor’s Hammer is quickly becoming one of the most headlined 5.15a climbs.

American Ethan Pringle, who made the second ascent of America’s hardest climb Jumbo Love 5.15b earlier this year, has reported making the fifth ascent of Thor’s Hammer.

The 55-metre 5.15a climbs one of the steepest sections of the Flatanger cave in Norway.

Alex Megos on Thor's Hammer. Photo by Raimund Matros from Megos' Instagram.
Alex Megos on Thor’s Hammer. Photo by Raimund Matros from Megos’ Instagram.

Pringle wrote on his Instagram, “YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!! I SENT THOR’s!!!!’ AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!

“I climbed through the first crux section on my third go of the night and somehow managed not to fall on the latter 3/4 of the route!

“I was so nervous and pretty convinced that I was going to fall everywhere but I had it so dialed that I could machine through it pretty mindlessly, on autopilot.

“My toes were totally numb and frozen on the second half of the route and I couldn’t see the feet becuause it was pretty much dark, but I just kept trucking and fought to the top.

A photo snapped by Dave Graham of Ethan Pringle after Pringle's send of Thor's Hammer 5.15a.
A photo snapped by Dave Graham of Ethan Pringle after Pringle’s send of Thor’s Hammer 5.15a. Follow Pringle here.

“I screamed until my voice was horse. Thanks so much to Dave Graham for this hilarious pic, the belay and eternal stoke!”

Thor’s Hammer was bolted by Magnus Midtbø up the overhanging 60-metre roof that has become the place for strong climbers to test themselves.

Adam Ondra made the first ascent in 2012 and called it 5.15a. Before Pringle’s send, the Thor’s Hammer had been climbed by Alex Megos, Jakob Schubert and Daniel Woods.

Watch this short film that was shot during Pringle’s projecting of Jumbo Love.

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