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Watch Mar Alvarez Send Her Second 5.14d

Mar Alvarez has sent Esclatamasters in Perles, Catalonia, Spain, her second 5.14d.

In 2014, Alvarez sent Era Vella 5.14d in Margalef and in 2013 she sent her only 5.14c, Mind Control.

Alvarez on Esclatamasters 5.14d.  Photo Jon Herrnz/Alvarez’s Facebook 

Some have suggested Esclatamasters is only 5.14c, but the majority of climbers suggest 5.14d. After her send, Alvarez wrote the following on 8a.nu: “After a hold broke in the harder section of the vertical part, I think it can be left as a solid 5.14d.

“Regardless of the grade, it’s a nice and demanding line which has made me push my limits.”