The 13-year-old bouldering phenom Ashima Shiraishi has sent the hardest v-grade by a female climber. The send has put her in top-spot as the world’s strongest female boulderer.

UPDATE: Shauna Coxsey has sent New Base Line 8B+ (V14) becoming the third female to send the grade.

During a visit to South Africa’s Rocklands she made the second ever female ascent of an 8B+ (V14), the first was done by Tomoko Ogawa.

Combined with her other four 8Bs and one flashed 8A she has become the best female boulderer in the world.

In keeping track with her route tick list, she is also the best female sport climber in the world and has been since she was 11. Visit here Ashima Shiraishi.

Shauna Coxsey on New Base Line Photo Luka Tambača

Shauna Coxsey on New Base Line Photo Luka Tambača


Ashima and Kai Lightner light it up

Ashima sends two 5.14s

Source:, Ashima’s Instagram


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  • Trent Hoover says:

    From what I remember, Josune Bereziartu send two V15s (and I hope we can dispense with the traverse vs. non-traverse grading argument). Why are we so quick to dispense with the accomplishments of Josune, who was the equivalent of a female Adam Ondra, standing head and shoulders above any female climber then or now (she also climbed 2 or perhaps 3 5.14ds as well, and was (I think) the first female to climb .14b, .14c, and .14d)? I am curious why the media is hyping Ashima as the most accomplished female climber ever. Is there something I am missing? Perhaps the good folks at Gripped can shed some light on what seems to be an intentional slight.