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A Film About Motherhood and Climbing

Love features Paige Claassen as she transitions into motherhood and works as a pro climber

Love is a new film about American Paige Claassen by Tara Kerzhner, an award winning photographer and accomplished climber based in Colorado. The film is co-produced with Sarah Steele.

After a miscarriage and a historic ascent of the famous Dreamcatcher 5.14d in Squamish, Claassen follows her own path as a professional athlete training through pregnancy, finding new meaning in strength and identity through the early days of motherhood.

About life since filming Love, Claassen said, “As I spot Larkin as she does her 20th lap up the stairs for the day, it’s hard to remember the mind and body that I shared with her 18 months ago when I was so sick, 11 months ago when she was born, or 8 months ago trying to stay afloat in those early days of motherhood. Time is a crazy thing, and I’m so grateful to Kerzhner for capturing this phase in all its beauty and messiness. Life has stayed beautiful and messy in the months since we completed this film. This little family is my rock and my love for them is indescribable.”

Claassen’s long list of noteworthy sends includes routes like Shadowboxing 5.14d, Kryptonite 5.14d, Algorithm 5.14d and Necessary Evil 5.14c.