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Bon Echo Peregrine Closure Lifted

The 2014 Peregrine Falcon closure at Bon Echo has just been lifted by the park.

Mega classics like The Joke, Sweet Dreams and Compulsion are open for climbing. Climbers venturing onto any of the newly opened routes should be wary of potential loose rock from any of these routes that haven’t yet seen ascents this year.

Check out the online guidebook to Bon Echo, you might be surprised by the quantity and quality of Ontario’s lake-side climbing.


Where is Bon Echo and How Do I Get There?
Set a course for a town with the Tolkien-esque name of Kaladar: from Toronto, take the 401 east to Belleville, then follow Highway 37 north until it meets Highway 7, then proceed east to Kaladar. From Ottawa, follow Highway 7 west. From Kaladar, head north on Highway 4 1to Bon Echo Provincial Park. Two or three kilometres past the park entrance the highway heads downhill to the lake. At the base of the hill, make a sharp right on to Mazinaw Heights Road North and follow it back south for about 2 km, or until you spot the “Alpine Club” boat and a crowd of people in fleece jackets. Allow three to four hours from Toronto.