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Enzo in Chile

Enzo Oddo, the 19-year-old, French sport climber has been projecting routes, of all places, in Chile.

Oddo jumped on the scene in style, in his mid teens he sent Realization and La Rambla, both 5.15a, the young crusher has ticked dozens of the world’s hardest routes. In 2014, Oddo traveled to South America, to the now-famous walls in Frey, Chile. Oddo has focused on a number of projects bolted by Nico Favresse and Sean Villanueva. The weather has been challenging for the big walls, but the climbers seem to be busy climbing most days. As more details become available, we will update the story.

Enzo Oddo projecting  Photo Etienne Tafary
Enzo Oddo projecting Photo Etienne Tafary

Source: Grimper, Enzo Oddo blog