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Jeremy Collins’ Drawn

Merging film, illustration, live music and live art creation, Drawn takes you with Collins as he embarks on four journeys, from the Venezuelan Amazon, to the China-Mongolian Border, to the northern reaches of Canada, and closer to home in the Yosemite Valley.   

Illustration Jeremy Collins Source: jercollins.com
Illustration Jeremy Collins Source: jercollins.com

Based out of Kansas City, Collins works with colleagues at ThreeHouse studio to create epic short films that combine illustration, animation and live action footage, including the celebrated Border Country, The Equation and The Wolf & The Medallion.

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His illustrations and maps have graced more than 150 climbing and adventure magazines. Away from the desk, Collins has pioneered over 300 new routes in the United States and has notched notable first ascents in China, Argentina, Venezuela and Canada.

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DRAWN – Clip from Banff Mountain Film Festival on Vimeo.