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Jimmy Webb in South Africa

Jimmy Webb’s sponsor Five Ten uploaded this video to the web and had this to say about it.

“After Jimmy’s stellar 2013 season in South Africa, we knew the next time he had better find some more boulders to climb. Otherwise he would have to siege himself on the most anti style and crimpiest lines he can find until he climbed out the whole area.

“Luckily for all of us, Rocklands had no trouble providing more than enough boulders for this season and beyond. After a full day of hiking just past the established areas we found lots of potential and Jimmy and the crew got to work brushing and climbing more great boulder problems on par with what has made Rocklands such a destination.

“It was inspiring to see Jimmy’s passion for finding new proud and very difficult boulder problems. Shortly after we struck out to Swaziland on another boulder hunt, we will be back to Rocklands again to climb on more of some of the best sandstone anywhere.”