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K2 Winter Climb Cancelled Because of Terrorists

Denis Urubko, Alex Txikon and Adam Bielecki had planned on attempting K2 from the north this winter.

On Dec. 24, the climbers were certain they’d be heading to K2, but on Christmas Day, Urubko received a letter from the Chinese government.

Dear Denis, I am very sorry to tell you that the permit has been refused by the xinjiang government administration the reason is that due to the terrorism event happened in Xinjiang , the situation presently is not safe for the foreigner come to Xinjiang, suggestion for coming in later time when the situation get better for tourism and climbing expedition. 

History of K2 Winter Climbing

I have tried to explian that we can go directly to the mountian without staying in the cities, but not get agreed. so I officially inform you that we have to cancel the program and hope for cooperation with you in the other time please inform all your members and inform your cargo company to send back your equipment immediately.

There are a number of climbers heading to Nanga Parbat for a winter attempt.

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