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New Rockies Highline Sent: Primal Beats

The full potential of highlining in the Canadian Rockies has never been tapped into. A few local slackliners have been finding some of the more accessible, but noteworthy locations.

Benham Harper made the first walk of his Primal Beats highline at the end of January, 2015. He was the first to complete the full walk, which had been attempted in 2014.

Matt Ford Photography

The bolted anchors for the highline are on the upper edges of Stewart Canyon, which flows into Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park.

The highline is 43 metres long and 20 metres off the bottom of the canyon and has bolted anchors.

The Primal Beats highline
The Primal Beats highline   Photo Matt Ford Photography

Source: Highline Magazine