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Project360: street view to Eiger North Face

Mammut brings the Eiger North Face to our screens with their Project360. An interactive street-view style web page.

These stunning images are opening up new horizons on the Eiger North Face and herald a new era in the visual realization of alpine climbing. Project360 is taking digital mapping into the third dimension and bringing a virtual experience of the mountain’s legendary north face to the public. Supported by mountain sports outfitter Mammut”,world-class alpinists Stephan Siegrist (SUI) and Daniel Arnold (SUI) recently attacked this famous route to enable viewers to watch the ascent in a 360-degree format as never seen before – through the eyes of the climber, directly from the wall.

The images were captured by six cameras installed in a specially designed backpack to reproduce a complete panoramic view. Siegrist and Arnold, each carried one of these backpacks over the legendary Heckmair route on the Eiger north face. The result: no less than an impressive 360-degree panoramic view of the wall, which can be interactively experienced. Visit here to check it out.