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Reel Rock 13 Includes Speed Climbing for First Time

Reel Rock 13 debuts in Boulder, Colorado, on Nov. 1, and Up to Speed is among the climbing films to be featured.

The film dives into Speed climbing, one of three Sport Climbing disciplines comprising the Combined format of the recent Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 and upcoming Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Reel Rock correspondent Zachary Barr looks into the the role Speed climbing will play in shaping climbing’s future while journeying from the US to France (the birthplace of modern Speed climbing) to South Asia (where Speed climbing is popular) and finally to Russia (where the first Speed climbing competitions were held).

Men’s Speed world record holder Reza Alipourshenazandifar (IRI), Speed legend Stanislav Kokorin (RUS), former youth world champions Claire Buhrfeind and Margo Hayes (USA), and John Brosler and Max Hammer (USA) make appearances along the way.

More information can be found at here, and get a sneak peek of the action to come by watching the trailer below.

Reel Rock 13 Trailer