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Rock the Blocks Boulderfest

The second annual Rock the Blocks will be taking place June 21 and 22 in the Okanagan Valley, B.C.

Andy White is an Okanagan bouldering enthusiast. He has written a guidebook to the bouldering in the Boulderfields near Kelowna, and is currently working on a guide for the bouldering in the entire Okanagan Valley. He is also a driving force behind Rock the Blocks Boulderfest which will be taking place on the summer solstice this year.

“As a result of our desire to get more people out bouldering, we held the first annual Rock the Blocs Boulderfest at the Boulderfields last year. It was an outdoor comp, development and maintenance day aimed at bringing the climbing community together to enjoy the terrific bouldering in the Fields. We had over 70 people attend and it was a huge success, this year we want it to be bigger.”

For more information, visit Rock the Blocs here.