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Film: Desert Ice

Jesse Huey, Scott Adamson, Angela VanWiemeersch and Pete Takeda climb ice in Zion National Park. 

In the spring of 2014, Huey traveled to Utah, but not for cracks, “Having traveled to Zion four times previously for world-class finger crack climbing, it never crossed my mind that Zion held a potential frozen goldmine,” said Huey.

“Synonymous with adventurous rock climbing, slot canyons and scary aid climbing, Zion could be a seldom-seen winter secret. I wasn’t convinced of the ice potential until I spoke with Scott Adamson, a Utah resident who had spent a large amount of time guiding and climbing in and around the Zion area.”

Few people had heard of desert ice before, even the climbers in this film, “The information available to ice climbers in Zion is scarce at best. The Internet gave us pictures and a couple trip reports, but lacked any navigation information. Our best source was Junior, a 5.14 canyoneer with experience descending almost all of Zion’s slot canyons,” said Huey.”

Watch this short film, which is featured at the Banff Mountain Film Festival this year.

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