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Finlayson completes the Big Show

West Coast’s Jamie Finlayson has climbed every route on Chek Canyon’s the Big Show.

It took Finlayson four years, “A lot of blood, sweat, and effort to tick the entire Big Show wall in the Chek Canyon,” said Finlayson. “Freewill 5.13c, Divison Bell 5.13d, Heat 5.13d, Patience 5.14a, Pulse 5.14a, Captain America 5.14b, Revival 5.14b, Superman 5.14c, and the final route Supermanboy 5.14c. I am the third person to tick the whole wall, Steve Townshend and Alex Honnold are the other two.”

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Finlayson on Superman
Finlayson on Superman