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Monks in Meteora go for a rappel

Monks in Meteora, Greece, rappel from the Skete of St. Gregory. This was a historic event, as it was the first ceremony of its kind in 50 years.

The monastic community of Meteora had some help from the Fire Department of Kalabaka to perform the Liturgy at the Skete St. Gregory.

The Skete of St. Gergory is 50 metres up and can only be accessed by rock climbing.

Wondering what a Skete is?

A Skete is a monastic community in Eastern Christianity. It allows isolation for monks. They usually consist of small caves that act as living quarters or a church.

In Meteora, Sketes are located on the rocky fingers which dot the landscape. Meteora literally means “in the heavens above,” for more info on the Meteora monasteries, see here.

Moni Rousano, Meteora, Greece
Moni Rousano, Meteora, Greece


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