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Nina Williams sends “Dream Line” Speed of Life

Nina Williams sends Speed of Life V10 at Farley Ledge in Western Massachusetts.

Nina Williams wrote on her Facebook: “Speed of Life. A dream beginning 2009 and realized yesterday. I was initially drawn to its aesthetic line, intimidating size, and crimpy style.

Nina Williams on Speed of Life.  Photo Jeff Dokmo
Nina Williams on Speed of Life in 2004. Photo Jeff Dokmo Source Nina’s Facebook Page. (To visit Nina’s Facebook, click on the photo)

“I stuck with it because SOL is truly a New England ‘king line’ and represented everything I loved about my home area. I became emotionally attached and single-mindedly threw myself at it a year before I moved, and the years afterwards.”

Speed of Life is the classic V10 testpiece Farley Ledge. It requires traversing a rail to big moves on decent crimps and then hard moves with dangerous landing.

Watch Daniel Woods on the first ascent of Speed of Life: