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Ontario Ice Is Good To Go

Southern Ontario ice is forming and climbers have been swinging the tools. In Northern Ontario, the classic climbs have been in for weeks.

The new Southern Ontario ice climbing guidebook by Andriy Kolos is providing lots of motivation for climbers to get out ice climbing. Recently, Peter Hoang journey to the Quebec/Ontario border and climbed La Fracture WI4, which is on page 183 of Kolos’ guide. ” La Fracture was in fat condition, still forming as I was climbing,” wrote Hoang on the Ontario ice conditions page. “Second half was taking full length screws without any issue. Expect a steep snow slog at the top to the summit. The snow at the bottom talus isn’t consolidated yet, so it’s really easy to roll an ankle. It made for some good swinging.”

La Fracture Photo Peter Hoang
La Fracture Photo Peter Hoang

Farther north, ice has been forming for about a month. Orient Bay’s classic routes have all formed: Reflection Wall, Gomar, Cascade, Obsession, Hully Gully, Mellow Yellow, 10 per cent Real, Tears of Joy, Off the Couch, Andromeda Weeps,┬áRanxerox Tangent and many more.

Mellow Yellow WI3+  Photo Aric Fishman
Mellow Yellow WI3+ Photo Aric Fishman

Southern Ontario Conditions

Northern Ontario Conditions



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