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Speed ​​Climber Karl Egloff to Attempt Denali Record

In May 2018, Karl Egloff will try to climb the Denali (6,192m) in world record time as part of his seven summits project, which is to get the speed records all of the peaks.

As part of his preparation to climb Denali, North America’s highest mountain, Karl Egloff and Nicolas Miranda had planned to climb the Aconcagua (6,962m).

Unfortunately, avalanche danger forced them to cancel their plans. Egloff already holds the record up and down Aconcagua, which he set in 2015.

“We had just arrived at the base camp of the Aconcagua and already saw a big avalanche coming down on the south wall. The next morning, when we opened our tent, only then did we realize the extent of the avalanche and our luck. Because if we had been up there, we would have been completely enclosed.

“We put security before the world record attempt, and broke off the attempt. I will now fully get prepared for the ascent of Denali, Alaska in May 2018,” said Egloff at his hotel in Mendoza after the arrival from the basecamp. Visit here for more.

Egloff’s Current Records (up and down)
Mount Elbrus in 2017 – 4:20
Aconcagua in 2015 – 11:52
Kilimanjaro in 2014 – 6:42
Huascarán in 2016 – 11:00
Cerro Plomo in 2016 – 5:55
Cotopaxi in 2012 – 1:37

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