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Watch Angela Eiter Send an Italian 5.14

Angela Eiter is not only Austria’s strongest female climber, she is the best female lead competition climber in history.

The 28-year-old, who was born in Arzl im Pitztal, Austria has been making headlines since she was a teenager. With four lead world champion titles to her name, she has been focusing her energy on rock climbing. In October, Eiter sent the 5.14 Zauberfee at Arco in Italy.

“To have sent the Zauberfee means a lot to me. The joy I felt at the top you can compare with receiving a world champion title,” says Eiter.

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She tried the route Hades 5.14+, in Tyrol, only three days later. The 25-time world-cup winner did all 40 moves, including the two cruxes, and sent her first 5.14d. “In that moment I was completely overwhelmed. I mastered my most difficult project so far. My shouts of joy must have been heard for miles!” says Angy; the legendary competitor who now seems to have arrived on rocks for good.