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Five Things To Do Instead of Climbing This Weekend

Stay busy, go for a run and scrub your climbing gear

The novel coronavirus covid-19 outbreak has changed the way we live, for the time being, and has forced land owners and governments to close parks and restrict access to the backcountry.

As climbers everywhere join together to help healthcare workers prepare for a possible surge in covid-19 patients by staying home, everyone still needs to stay fit and get outdoors. Below are some ways to.

Donate Gear/Food

Go through your gear looking for items, like sleeping bags or tents, that you no longer need. Research where you can donate them in your area. That goes the same with food if you are able to, as many food banks say they need donations because of the rise of unemployment across Canada.


Running is one of the best ways to stay fit for when you head back to the mountains. Be careful if you go trail running, but it’s not recommended because spring weather can make for some muddy trails. Avoiding injuries will help the front line of workers trying to battle the outbreaks, that means sticking to safe places to run. Be sure to follow Canadian Running on Instagram below, one of the magazines owned by Gripped Publishing.


Trail Work

If you live close to a climbing area, then head out to clean up the trails post-winter. Be sure to check the access to your local crag, as many areas are currently closed, like Skaha.

Clean Your Rack

Climbing racks get dirty and this is a perfect time to give them a clean. Wash your rope, lube your cams and scrub your quickdraws. Dump the dirt out from the bottom of your packs, wash your stinky apparel and sweep get your vehicle ready for the next road trip.


We’re a few days into this new reality and the shock of it all should be starting to fade soon. If you haven’t already started to train for post-covid-19 times then get to it! We’re proving a stay-at-home training routine online, be sure to check it out here. Follow us on Instagram below for some old classic climbing shots.