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The 2017 Munich World Cup Results

The finals bouldering World Cup of 2017 took place in Munich and it smooth considering the number of athletes. Qualifications on Friday took over 15 hours to get through.

Janja Garnbret and Jan Hojer took tops spots, click on the clip below to watch Garnbret stick a big move.

Sean McColl injured his finger in Qualifications and did not advance to Semis, not did any other Canadian. The Semis and Finals went better than Qualifiers with a big crowd and lots of energy. The comp also determined the 2017 overall podium and the European World Cup standings.

Canadian results for Male: McColl finished in 55, Seb Lazure in 63, Lucas Uchida in 71 and Rahul Sapra in 121. For the Females: Pia Graham and Bronwen Karnin in 69, Madison Fischer in 73 and Samantha Li in 97. Full results here.

Munich World Cup Female/Male
1. Janja Garnbret / Jan Hojer
2. Stasa Gejo / Tomoa Narasaki
3. Akiyo Noguchi / Taisei Ishimatsu

2017 Overall Results Female/Male
1. Shauna Coxsey / Jongwon Chon
2. Janja Garnbret / Tomoa Narasaki
3. Akiyo Noguchi / Alexey Rubtsov

2017 European World Cup Female/Male
1. Stasa Gejo / Jan Hojer
2. Janja Garnbret / Alex Megos
3. Petra Klingler / Anze Peharc

This move is foolish! Solid grab by @janja_garnbret. Results from Munich World Cup in profile link. #ifsc #dyno #ifscwc #bouldering

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