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The 2017 USA Youth Bouldering Nationals Results

The 2017 Youth Bouldering Nationals took place in Salt Lake City. It was one to remember, as a number of competitors competed the week before at the Open Nationals. Top three results below and full results here. Click to play the few clips below.

Junior Female/Male
1. Margo Hayes / Kai Lightner
2. Lily Canavan / Drew Ruana
3. Grace McKeehan / Brett Walker
Youth A Female/Male
1. Ashima Shiraishi / Sam Struthers
2. Brooke Raboutou / Ross Fulkerson
3. Isabel Barrientos / Zach Galla
Youth B Female/Male
1. Nekaia Sanders / Colin Duffy
2. Amelia Marcuson / Zander Waller
3. Sienna Kopf / Dylan Duregger
Youth C Female/Male
1. Campbell Sarinopoulos / Lucas Oddi
2. Olivia Kosanovich / Quinn O’Francia
3. Lydia Dolan / Jack Felix
Youth D Female/Male
1. Julia de la Paz / Lucas Tillery
2. Maggie Carter / Augustine Chi
3. Lilly Czerwinski / Hugo Hoyer

We got to watch Ashima flash all four qualifiers at Nationals. #rockclimbing #bouldering #usaclimbing @ashimashiraishi

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Kai Lightner crushing all the final problems at Nationals!!! #rockclimbing #bouldering #usaclimbing

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