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Bernadette McDonald Book Tours Ontario/Quebec

Award-winning mountain writer Bernadette McDonald is coming to and Quebec this March.

She’ll be visiting Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Chicago on tour with her newest book Art of Freedom, the life an climbs of Voytek Kurtyka.

Voytek Kurtyka

McDonald said, “I’m doing a little book tour: Toronto on March 21, Ottawa March 22, Montreal March 23 and Chicago March 26. If you’re in any of these areas, I hope to see you there.”

  • Art of Freedom
  • Freedom Climbers
  • Tomaž Humar
  • Inspiring Creativity
  • Brotherhood of the Rope
  • I’ll Call You in Kathmandu
  • Whose Water Is It?
  • Extreme Landscape
  • Voices From the Summit
  • Here are the posters with dates, times and venues.

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