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Indoor Weekly: Quebec 2018 Lead Championships

It was a high-energy weekend at Allez Up in Montreal for the 2018 Quebec Lead Championships. This was the first CEC National Series Lead Event this season.

Everyone brought their A-game and like many Lead comps this year, top boulderers won the podiums.

Maybe it’s that Lead routes are more like boulder problems these days or boulderers are training for more rope routes with Olympic dreams. Time will tell.

Below are Open podium results, see Allez Up’s post below for full podium results.

Male/Female Open
1. Francis Bilodeau / Babette Roy
2. David Trudeau / Lia Wieckowski
3. Florent Balsez / Elina Avramova

Congrats to all the athletes! . Men's Elite 1: Francis Bilodeau 2: David Trudeau 3: Florent Balsez . Women's elite 1: Babette Roy 2: Lia Wieckowski 3: Elina Avramova . Junior Women 1: Caitlin Williams 2: Allyson Bergeron . Junior Men 1: Maxime Boisvert 2: Alexandre Closset 3: Olivier Beaudin . Youth A girls 1: Aurelie Huppé 2: Eve Laprise 3: Sophie Valence . Youth A Boys 1: Noah Charron 2: Olivier Paradis 3: Raphael Demers=Lapointe . Youth B girls 1: Mia Laprise 2: Thea Chapman 3: Aspen Hendry . Youth B Boys 1: Hugo Dorval 2: Mathis Imbeault 3: Hugo Valence . Youth C girls (tie for 1st) 1: Cedar Hendry, Léa Latour 3: Léa Fyrigos . Youth C boys (3-way tie) 1: Wu Yaoyang, Antoine Laporte, Dylan Le . Youth D girls 1: Lylou-Anne Basirico-Jean 2: Jade Beauchemin 3: Inès Ferrarini . Youth D Boys 1: Maxime Therien, Matviy Voshchykov 3: Eliott Robert

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