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Glaciologist Dr. Alison Criscitiello to Talk at Live Calgary Event

Which will promote a new beer, Snow Dome West Coast IPA from Banded Peak and Guardians of the Ice

Photo by: Rebecca Haspel on Snow Dome

Banded Peak Brewing is hosting the second of their Guardians of the Ice Speaker Series in a live event at the Banded Peak Taproom in Calgary. Guardians of the Ice is a non-profit organization that works to inspire dynamic environmental stewardship on behalf of the rapidly retreating Columbia Icefield in the Canadian Rockies, and its watersheds, leading to a low-carbon future for the whole planet.

The second beer of the Guardians of the Ice collection, Snow Dome West Coast IPA, is named for Mount Snow Dome, which uniquely stands at the triple divide between three major North American watersheds, a hydrological apex. The event will be hosted by legendary alpinist and Guardians of the Ice founder Jim Elzinga. Join them for an evening of candid conversation, education, beer tasting and Q&A in support of the Columbia Icefield.

They will feature keynote speaker Dr. Alison Criscitiello, ice core scientist and high-altitude mountaineer and Banded Peak brewer Russ Sedin, who will let us in on the unique aspects of Snow Dome West Coast IPA. As a scientist, Dr. Alison Criscitiello, Director of the Canadian Ice Core Lab, has earned many professional distinctions, including National Geographic Explorer, Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and of the internationally distinguished Explorers Club.

She will speak of her research work on Snow Dome, which is contributing so much to our growing knowledge of climate change impacts. Her work meshes seamlessly with her experiences as an alpinist: she will also relate her adventures during an expedition to the summit of Mount Logan in May of this year.

Mount Logan is the highest mountain in Canada, the second highest in North America, and a very challenging climb. Under extreme conditions, the team summited, completed a ground-penetrating radar survey of the summit plateau, installed the highest weather station in North America (on PR Col at 18,500 feet), and measured Logan’s true height. An amazing log of achievements! Alison’s climbing partner for her scientific work high on Mount Logan and Snow Dome, Rebecca Haspel, will also be joining the conversation.

Mount Snow Dome is the site of one of Jim’s signature climbs: the first ascent of Slipstream WI4 1,000 m, among the most famous and challenging ice climbs in the world. He will speak of this extraordinary adventure, and the return he made to repeat the climb 35 years later. Jim says, “I am so grateful to Banded Peak for their support with this series. The urgency of the climate crisis cannot be overstated. Only if we act with conviction now will future generations enjoy life on earth as we have known it: an earth that, as Indigenous Peoples tell us, we did not inherit from our ancestors, but that we have borrowed from our children.”

Snow Dome West Coast IPA is the second of the IPA series, and $2 from every four-pack sold will be donated to support Guardians of the Ice. By purchasing beers from the collection, you are helping protect one of North America’s most important water resources. Orders can be placed online here, purchased at the Banded Peak Taproom, or local liquor stores across Alberta.

“Climate change is occurring in our backyard, and we can literally see the effect it is having on our environment,” said Matt Berard, founder of Banded Peak. “We feel that this is an important partnership that promotes education to support and encourage climate stewardship. The Rockies are the source of many important aspects of all our lives, from recreation to the water we drink and ultimately the beer we make. Protecting that should be a priority; definitely one we should be well-educated on.”

Banded Peak Brewing Event: Guardians of the Ice Speaker Series and Snow Dome IPA launch

When: Aug. 25, 2021.
Doors open: 6:30 p.m.
Event starts: 7 p.m MST.
Where: Banded Peak Brewing. 119-519 34 Ave SE Calgary AB. T2G 1V1
Tickets: $10 and include first Snow Dome IPA.

Lead photo: Rebecca Haspel on Snow Dome