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Indoor Weekly: Alannah Yip Wins Tristate 2018 Championships

Alannah Yip wins the Tristate Bouldering Championships

The Tristate Bouldering Series (TBS) is a multi-gym collaboration designed to bring you the East Coast’s baddest bouldering competition.

Partnering with longstanding climbing gyms in the tri-state area, TBS was created to celebrate each of the gyms and their respective comps, with hopes of bringing together the much larger bouldering community.

Canadian Alannah Yip stormed in and won the 2018 Championships in great style. You can watch the Finals below.

Yip recently finished in second at the Canadian 2018 Bouldering Nationals behind Allison Vest.

Female/Male Results
1. Alannah Yip / Kai Lightner
2. Flannery Shay-Nemirow / Bryce Viola
3. Norah Chi / Nathaniel Coleman