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Indoor Weekly: Claire Buhrfeind Crushes USA Nationals 2018

Top American competition climber Claire Buhrfeind took top spots in Lead and Speed at the USA Nationals 2018 fro Females.

For Males, Sean Bailey beat out strong outdoor climber Drew Ruana. Scroll through photos below.

Joining Buhrfeid in Lead was two strong boulderers, Alex Puccio and Miachaela Kirsch. They group beat out strong lead climbers Delaney Miller and Margo Hayes.

For full results see here.

Lead Finals Male/Female
1. Sam Bailey / Claire Buhrfeind
2. Drew Ruana / Michaela Kiersch
3. Barth Solomon / Alex Puccio

Speed Finals Male/Female
1. John Brosler / Claire Buhrfeind
2. Jordan Fishman / Piper Kelly
3. Max Hammer / Amanda Wooten

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