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Indoor Weekly: Eddie Fowke Talks Comps on 8a.nu

Akiyo Noguchi

The 2018 IFSC competition season is abbut to start overseas and the organization’s lead photographer has some thoughts about the potential chaos that might ensue.

Eddie Fowke travels to many of the IFSC comps and knows better than most how changes to the scoring might affect things.

Because most climbers are thinking about qualifying for the Olympics in 2020, there will be many climbers competing in more than one discipline.

Fowke recently told the climber’s site 8a.nu about five things he sees as being issues in 2018.

He listed climber burnout and injuries, confusion, contention, mixed results and big world cups (more climbers than ever).

At one point, he says, “And while doing double duty at World Cups where there are more than one event in a weekend (Boulder/Speed, Speed/Lead). Along with the injuries expect emotional burnout as climber’s struggle with continued trips overseas, time zone juggling and the pressure of having to perform.”

Read the full list here. Visit here for your 2018 Canada Boulder Team.

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