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Indoor Weekly: Gym Climbing Mainstream in Perth

Chris Chin is the owner of the recently opened Adrenaline Vault in Perth, Australia, and his gym is booming.

The owner of a new climbing gym said that gym climbing has been working its way up from a niche sport to being a mainstream recreational activity of late.

Featuring 700 metre² of bouldering space, making it the second biggest bouldering facility in Australia, Adrenaline Vault also includes a gym, a space for people to practice yoga and a café.

With sport climbing’s popularity growning in the wake of its inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Chin said, “We’ve had experienced climbers and newcomers to the sport, I think people have watched shows like Ninja Warrior and that’s helped the sports popularity, some of the best contestants have a background in rock climbing.”

With walls constructed by Walltopia, who Chin describes as “world leader” in artificial climbing wall features, he said, “The holds are all colour coded for people to follow, yellow is the easiest and black is the hardest.

“The indoor climbing that you do here will translate to the outdoor climbing and even have a top out, which means people can get on top of the roof.

“Our busiest days are the weekdays when people come in after work and de-stress.”