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Indoor Weekly: New Rules for World Cup in 2018

The IFSC World Cup rules are long and slightly complicated and many of the longstanding rules have been changed for 2018.

Jens Larssen from 8a.nu has outlined the top five changes and listed what the consequences will be.

The new rules are to prepare for Olympic 2020 selection which will start next year.

You can see the rules changes here.

Larrsen listed main changes as: You need to participate in at least two events in all three disciplines; Only the Top-2 * 3 results will count; The results will be based on your relative ranking to the others; The relative ranking is based only on the Combined athletes participating; The ranking for the six events will be multiplied.

Larssen lists the consequences of the changes as:

A. It will be very hard to present any reliable Overall ranking until the very last competition as we might not know the ranking of the first competition until the last competition is finished. It just might be that some will just participate in the last two speed events in 2019 as they failed to qualify during the Combined WCH or they want to help a team mate.

B. The Speed specialist will most likely not have a chance so they will not participate in Combined if they can not perform on a high level also in at least Bouldering. This means that it will be relatively easy to get good Combined ranking results in Speed, which will increase it’s importance.

C. A climber like Adam Ondra and Janja Garnbret might just need 2 * 3 competitions to secure the overall victory, meanwhile the lower ranked guys aiming to just become Top-20, could end up doing 15 to 20 World Cups, excluding the WCH and the Special event in 2019.

D. The dilemma for the Speed events is that almost all focus will be on just the qualifications as the Combined athletes will not make it to the finals.

Watch highlights to Moscow World Cup in profile link!

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