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Top Results from Five Canadian Comps this Weekend

With five Lead and Speed competitions going on in Canada this weekend, it’s fair to say most of Canada’s top comp climbers were in action.

As Alannah Yip was making history in Chongqing, China, by becoming the first Canadian woman to make finals at an IFSC World Cup, comps were going on at The Hanger in Calgary, Crag X and The Boulders on Vancouver Island, The Junction in London and at Allez Up in Montreal.

The Hanger Lead Female / Male
1. Alyssa Weber / Scott Eveleigh
2. Eva Thompson / Sam Tucker
3. Stacey Weldon / Alex Fricker
Junior: Eva Thompson / Alex Fricker
Youth A: Amanda Sherwin / Henri Freitag
Youth B: Paige Boklaschuk / Ben MacDonald
Youth C: Kiana Renneberg / TJ Foley
Youth D: Alexa Vanier / Lochlan Radstaak

India working hard on Qualifier 2.

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The Junction National Lead Female / Male
1. Pia Graham / Dylan Saffery
2. Beth Vince / Rahul Sapra
3. Bronwen Karnis / Jack Doering

The Junction Provincial Lead Female / Male
Open: Pia Graham / Jake Artibello
Junior: Beth Vince / Dylan Saffery
Youth A: Bronwen Karnis / Mitchell Haight
Youth B: Allie Nishi / Dries DiRosa
Youth C: Sydney Park / Isaac Leff
Youth D: Taylor Galloway / Emmanuel Derima

The Boulders Speed Female / Male
1. Alison Stewart-Patterson / Ivan Luo
2. Christy Spurrell / Aidan Doyle
3. Evelyna Trottier / Ryan O’Neill
Junoit: Zoe Beauchemin / Ivan Luo
Youth A: Teyha Rogers / Aidan Doyle
Youth B: Brielle Zacharias / Brennan Doyle
Youth C: Tula Sherkat / Connor Jones
Youth D: Madeline Anctil

Allez Up Lead Female / Male
1. Emilie Pellerin / Julien Bourassa-Moreau
2. Audrey Larochelle / Francis Bilodeau
3. Annie Chouinard / Charles Sirois
Junior: Maggy Dube-Laroche / Etienne Simard
Youth A: Sophie Valence / David Trudeau
Youth B: Babette Roy / Samuel Mathieu
Youth C: Mia Laprise / Dylan Le
Youth D: Cedar Hendry / Matviy Voshchukov

Allez Up Speed Female / Male
1. Shui Yee Kuan / Kiefer VanDenBosch
2. Veronique Bordua Plouffe / Francis Bilodeau
3. Tanya Mireault / Guillaume Dorion
Junior: Maggy Dube-Laroche / Alex Closset
Youth A: Aggy St-Jacques / David Trudeau
Youth B: Babette Roy / Emile Levesque
Youth C: Mia Laprise / Dylan Le
Youth D: Cedar Hendry / Hugo Fortier

Crag X Lead Female / Male
Open: Becca Frangos / Kyle Murdoch
Junior: Zoe Beauchemin / Kyle Murdoch
Youth A: Chloe Earle & Sophie Buitendyk / Aidan Doyle
Youth B: Sonya Colliander / Guy McNamee & Kindar McNamee
Youth C: Tula Sherkat & Emi Takishiba / Connor Jones
Youth D: Winter Robichaud / Jackson Palmer