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Raboutou and Lightner Win 2017 Dominion Riverrock

The Dominion Riverrock celebrated it’s ninth year with its much loved three-day fest in Richmond, Virginia.

The outdoor event features many things outdoors, including a fun bouldering fest. With a large audience, Brooke Raboutou defended her title and took first place for the women. For the men, Kai Lightner finished on top of the podium.

There were 26 men and 18 women who entered the comp and they went through two Qualifying boulders, a Semis and Finals with 10 climbers. Results below. On Sunday, there was also a Speed comp. (click to play clip below)

Boulder Results Men/Women
1. Kai Lightner / Brooke Raboutou
2. Nathaniel Coleman / Kyra Condie
3. Solomon Barth / Arabella Jariel
4. Taylor McNeill / Claire Bresnan
5. Andy Lamb / Kerry Scott

Speed Results Men/Women
1. Solomon Barth / Kyra Condie
2. Nathaniel Coleman / Brook Raboutou
3. Riley Varner / Arabella Jariel

Dominion Riverrock never ceases to amaze me! It was such an action packed weekend with great climbs (thanks setters), an amazing festival and even more amazing people! Thanks for all the memories! πŸ“·: @crkessu

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