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Sean McColl Gets Silver at Briancon 2017

Sean McColl finished in second place for silver at the IFSC Briancon World Cup, the third Lead World Cup of the year. McColl is fresh off third at The World Games.

Sean McColl after his silver medal climb. Photo IFSC

After his climb in front of 8,000 spectators, he told the IFSC commentators in an interview, “The bottom was a lot harder than I anticipated, which was good because I like routes that are really hard at the beginning.”

On his way up, there was a dyno where McColl nearly fell, but he stuck the big move.

“At the top before I fell, I was really happy because I barely hit that hold, but managed to get my feet up, re-established and get my hand up for a good plus,” said McColl.

When talking about reading the upper crux, McColl said he was expecting a Rose move because he noted, “They always do a Rose move in Briancon.” Watch McColl’s dyno below.

About his hair cut, he said that he told his buddy if he made Finals, then his buddy could cut his hair.

Sean McColl at his high point in Finals. Photo IFSC

Other Canadians who made the trip include: Elan Jonas McRae finished in 25th, Kyle Murdoch in 61st, Becca Frangos in 40th and Elina Avramova in 57th. Watch Finals below.

The first place finishers were Janja Garnbret and Romain Desgranges. This in Garnbret’s third Lead World Cup gold medal of the season and the second for Desgranes. Both are ranked first in the world.

Sean McColl milks a rest. Photo IFSC

The next Lead World Cup will be in Arco at the end of August. For full results see here.

Finals Results Female/Male
1. Janja Garnbret / Romain Desgranges
2. Anak Verhoeven / Sean McColl
3. Jain Kim / Stefano Ghisolfi
4. Julia Chanourdie / Masahiro Higuchi
5. Jess Pilz / Sean Baily
6. Margo Hayes / Marcello Bombardi
7. Salome Romain / Naoki Shimatani
8. Mina Markovic / Seb Halenke

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