The fifth IFSC World Cup of the season took place in Vail, Colorado, as the only North American World Cup of the tour.

Shauna Coxsey and Jongwon Chon took top spots with Akiyo Noguchi and Meichi Narasaki rounding off the podium for Females, and Miho Nonaka and Yoshiyuki Ogata for Males.

No Canadians made Finals and only Seb Lazure advanced to Semis. Four of the medal winners were from Japan. Chon crushed the Finals and topped all of the final problems. For the women, four topped three of the Finals problems.

Finals Results Male/Female
1. Jongwon Chon / Shauna Coxsey
2. Meichi Narasaki / Akiyo Noguchi
3. Yoshiyuki Ogata / Miho Nonaka
4. Aleksei Rubtsov / Alex Puccio
5. Kokoro Fujii / Katja Kadic
6. Keita Watabe / Petra Klingler

Final results for Canadian Males: Seb Lazure in 13, Jason Holowach in 27, Jesse Taplin in 33, Sean McColl in 39, Jj Mah in 43, Juliean Bourassa-Moreau in 57.

Final results for Canadian Females: Bronwen Karnis in 25, Eva Thompson in 29, Alannah Yip in 33, Allison Vest in 39, Elise Sethna in 49, Em Pellerin in 55.

From here, the World Cup tour heads to Navi Mumbai, India, in two weeks. Find full results here.