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The Skaha Climbing Festival is This Weekend

An inclusive event for all to enjoy with clinics and presentations

Photo by: Dave Mai of Sonnie Trotter in Skaha

The first-ever Skaha Climbing Festival is taking place on May 28 and 29 at the Skaha Bluffs and in Penticton. There will be clinics, a comp and a film night.

The event is hosted by Skaha Park Watch and all funds raised at the festival will allow them to increase their presence in the parking areas to keep your vehicles safe while you climb. This is designed to be an inclusive and educational festival.

On Saturday night, top Canadian climber Mike Doyle will be doing a presentation, followed by this year’s Reel Rock 16 films. To book tickets visit here. There are several clinics available, visit here for more info.

The competition will have climbers fill out a scorecard consisting of five letter grades up to, and including their current on-sight ability. This ensures a level playing field for those involved. As the organizers explain, “In order to hand in a scorecard at the end of the day, all climbers must have completed at least one of each grade listed on their sheet. From there, it’s all numbers. In the allotted time, complete as many of the relevant grade climbs as possible.”

Skaha Climbers Festival


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Lead photo: Dave Mai of Sonnie Trotter in Skaha