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Tour de Bloc 15: Canavan and Smith take Le Mouv’ Escape Bloc

On Feb. 10 there were six Tour de Blocs that took place across Canada. It was a fun and successful day and many of the provinces top climbers came out.

Comps were held at Seven Bays in Nova Scotia, Le Mouv in Quebec, Up the Bloc in Ontario, Vertical Adventures in Manitoba, Grip It in Saskatchewan and Boulder House in Victoria.

It was the most Tour de Blocs to ever take place on one day. With the Tour de Bloc not being the go-to comp circuit to build Provincial teams, there are fewer events this year than in the past.

Here are the results from Le Mouv’ Escape Bloc in Quebec.

Female/Male Finals
1. Lily Canavan / Nathan Smith
2. Olivia Wyett / Alex Waterhouse
3. Veronnique Gosselin / Pier-Michael Lemay
4. Bebette Roy / Falco Filotto
5. Tweety Ho / Yves Gravelle
6. Ariane Sisavath / Dany Latulippe