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Watch Slow Moments from Vail World Cup

Louder Than Eleven are experts at taking a fast-paced sport and slowing it down to the right music.

In this 2017 clip, we get a mellow perspective of the IFSC Vail Bouldering World Cup that took place in June. The comp was won by Shauna Coxsey and Jongwon Chon.

Final results for Canadian Males: Seb Lazure in 13, Jason Holowach in 27, Jesse Taplin in 33, Sean McColl in 39, Jj Mah in 43, Juliean Bourassa-Moreau in 57.

Final results for Canadian Females: Bronwen Karnis in 25, Eva Thompson in 29, Alannah Yip in 33, Allison Vest in 39, Elise Sethna in 49, Em Pellerin in 55.