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Watch Summer 2017 Interview with Domen Skofic

Domen Skofic is one of Slovenia’s best climbers and was the overall Lead World Cup winner in 2016.

Yep of course I'm disappointed about my poor performance in the semis but after watching yesterday's finals I'm actually pleased that I didn't take part in another nerve-wracking round with 4 tops on a final route where actually time had to decide the winner on the end. Already qualifications where stressful enough as we had to do both tops in order to make semis, there was around 70 tops in total ? Looks like competition climbing is becoming more and more like a circus. I wouldn't be surprised if we see style points as well in few years time. Anyway big congrats to my girl @janja_garnbret for yet another victory and @marci_bomb for taking down his first one ?? ? by @sheila_mcc @redbull #givesyouwings @redbullsi @fiveten_official #brandofthebrave @fivetenslovenija @slovenian_army @sloveniaclimbing #zdravjeAS

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In this video by Onbouldering.com, Skofic talks about the challenges that come with bouldering versus lead climbing.

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