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World Cup 2017: Canadians at Vail World Cup

The Vail World Cup is taking place on June 9 and 10 in Vail at the GoPro Mountain Games. Canadians have historically been strong competitors at the only-American World Cup.

For the Females, Alannah Yip is hoping to pick up where she left off a few weeks ago before the break with a number of strong finished including one Finals finish.

Allison Vest, Elise Sethna, Bronwen Karnis, Eva Thompson and Em Pellerine are some of Canada’s top comp climbers who will also be at the games.

For the Males, Sean McColl is hoping to improve on his earlier comps season with a strong Finals appearance. Also heading are Seb Lazure, Jj Mah, Jason Holowach, Jesse Taplin, Matthew Wellington and Julien Bourassa-Moreau.

In Canada, Yip is fresh off winning Lead and Speed Nationals in Quebec, while McColl took the Lead, they both won Bouldering Nationals earlier this year.